For your consideration:  one gorgeous, sarcastic, feisty little lady!

Your Raleigh -based escort but more so your ultimate fantasy girlfriend for the night (or day or afternoon. or morning. or evening... you get it!). No matter what time of day it is, I'll always have a genuine smile and a loving gaze for you. A tender touch and a progression of soft kisses for you. A perfect distraction, your ultimate satisfaction.. 

I'm Bella - a lifelong perfectionist and currently a dedicated hedonist. Dark hair, dark brown eyes, an ivory to olive skin tone depending on the season. A tight athletic figure featuring death-defying curves. One of those "bodies made for sin", yessir... I'm often quite flatterred to be told how much prettier I am in person than in my photographs. :)

I've always considerd myself highly empathetic and kind, and as a result am eager to assure your absolute comfort in our sessions with a complete suspension of judgment regarding your thoughts, feelings, curiosities, and fetishes. Although at times I tend to talk too much and too fast (i have just a slight mania...), I try to translate this frenetic energy into a bubbly, cheerful attitude and (hopefully!) many shared laughs. :) 

I think we could both be happier. Why not start today? ;-)

When we meet...

I'm  immediately both cordial and  alluring. Hoping you'll  feel comfortable and desired  in my presence, I don't hold back in letting you know howhappy I am to be in your company.  A brief look will exchange between us;  a familiar glance  that's been shared between lovers since the beginning of time. A look of hunger, need, longing - "I have to have you". This look flashes for maybe a millisecond before our  bodies are thrown together,  our  lips, hands and tongues  leading the way through rough kisses, tender caresses, fumbling undressing, tumbling andfalling into bed.  With the entirety of my body pressed urgently against yours, from my supple breasts, nipples erect pressing into your chest, to my silky legs wrapped around you, intertwining with your own fervent limbs, time slows down as it's just you and me for the next hour, or two, or three... You and me andour eager bodies,  pleasing one another,  satiating,  but still always finding more passion in the next embrace. We become well-acquainted in our time together, in an  intimacy  that will forever be  unique to you and me.  Until the next time...

Introduction: Great Expectations