1. Thank you so much for your interest thus far. To schedule some time with me, please either fill out the CONTACT form COMPLETELY or provide ALL of the information requested in said form in a comprehensive email to Thanks again!
  2. Please keep all communications succinct and discrete. This includes refraining from vulgar language and/or any mention of sexual acts in emails and texts. Specific requests may be made, but please keep them brief and keep you language as clean as possible. You know, act like a gentleman!
  3. Please review the instructions for screening and scheduling, as well as the listed donations for my time before initiating contact. To better inform your curiosities of what you can expect in my company, please follow the linked review sites found on the "Reviews" page.
  4. Please schedule appointments only if you are 1000% certain of your availability and intent for said appointment. If you must cancel your engagement, please do so within 72 hours. If cancellation is made within 24 hours/the same day of your appointment or if no notice is given at all, please uphold your honour with compensation for my time and my trouble for an amount of 100% of the expected donation. Cancellations within 48 hours may be compensated with 50% of the expected donation. Arrangements can be made through one of several electronic payment methods I accept discretely through my independent consulting business. 

Instructions and requested etiquette from your favorite Raleigh escort and VIP companion...

If you truly want to please me, you should know the biggest turn-on is a man who SHOWS his respect to Raleigh escorts. Words are nothing if not supported by actions. Following instructions turns up the heat even more! Do it, do it! :) xoxoType your paragraph here.